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Singapore’s 828 Water dispenser, for offices & homes. Low prices, High Quality.


Congratulations to approved customers! Our air to water dispenser is approved under IRAS PIC automation equipment. Here is your chance to own a FREE water dispenser! Also, our water dispensers passed water certification tests with flying colours! 

Below is our full range of water cooler dispensers. These are suitable for home and office in Singapore. Call Dennis 91069380 today! Or Contact us here. Quick! while stocks last, get your water dispenser for office today!

Air to water dispenser 45 litres white

Air to water 45 litre white@ $1900  FREE! T&C Applies. Call Dennis 91069380.

Floor Standing Water Dispenser for office @ $688, piano black

Floor standing water dispenser @ $688.

Pou water dispenser, direct piping @ $688, coffee brown

Pou water dispenser, direct piping @ $688.

828 tabletop water dispenser Only @ $488

Tabletop dispenser Only @ $488














Our company supplies water dispensers in Singapore since 2005. In this article, we shall share with you all about our products and why we represent low prices, high quality and the reasons you should choose us. Can’t wait? Check here for water dispenser for office.


1.     YOU are the reason why we want to be better.

2.     Reasons why you should choose us.

3.     What are water dispensers?

3.1    Different types of water dispensers and comparison.

4.     828 Water Dispensers

4.1    Our water dispenser, our Water filter, our filtration system

4.2   Our guarantee to customers

4.3   Our warranty

4.4   Dispenser Servicing


1. YOU are the reason why we want to be better.


YOU, the customer is the reason why we want to be better. After all, if we do not please you and give you a good deal, who else will?

Many other companies sell office water dispenser costing a bomb ($1000+). We understand your needs and requirements, and most importantly, we don’t rip you off.


2. Reasons why you should choose us.


-          LOW prices every time! From $488.

-          Beautiful Products!

-          Service orientated company

-          High quality products!

-          Worldwide certifications! Many other water dispensers do not have this!

-          LOW cost servicing! Only $100/service.

-          We are honest, we don’t sell you the same thing at a rip off price.


3. What are water dispensers?


Water dispensers are devices or appliances that distribute water in an efficient and convenient manner. They are termed as water cooler by some people. For more info, click here.

Device consists of:  Water tank/tanks, warm water tank, cold water tank and hot water tank. There are cooling and heating elements to adjust water temperature. Internal piping is present to cycle through processes and optional water filtration. Necessary electrical wiring to power components and end user control panel. Water dispensers also have water valve outlets. Detailed info on hot water dispenser is found here. Water dispenser for home use will be suitable using mainly the hot water models.

Water dispensers are commonly found and sold to homes, offices or any place that require pure drinking water. Check out here for our pou water dispenser.


3.1 Different types of water dispensers and comparison


Below is a chart to compare nowadays different types of water dispensers.

  Pros and Cons
Water dispenser type water quality Required space Convenience
Barrel type water dispenser Good A lot of space required.
Need space to store barrels, can’t stack water barrels.
Horrible, require stock
take on water barrels. Manual fitting of heavy water barrels, redundant job scope for many. Water is limited to number of barrels available.
Table top water dispenser, direct pipe Good Very little amount of
space required, table only.
Okay, small water tank,
usually enough for small offices <10 people. Water is from readily available tap water.
Free standing water dispenser, direct pipe Good Some space required
on the floor, usually 50cm by 50cm by height 1.2m
Good, big water tank,
enough for big offices <30 people. Water is from readily available tap water.
Atmospheric water dispenser,
Air to water
Excellent, purest form
of drinking water with no contaminants, bacteria, chlorine and fluorine
Some space required
on the floor, usually 50cm by 50cm by height 1.2m
Excellent. As long as there is air, this machine produces water.

Conclusion: Question yourself why are you still using water barrel type dispensers?

Do you know? If you order 5 water barrels every week, you can buy a table top water dispenser in less than 3 months at the same cost!


4. 828 Water Dispensers


828 is a Singapore brand specializing in water dispensers. We understand what customers need and strive to be Singapore best company in water dispensers. We feature various types, direct pipe water dispenser (as known as pou water dispenser) and air to water dispensers ( atmospheric water dispenser).


4.1 Our water dispenser, our Water filter, our filtration system

This is the exact reason why our products represent high quality. Check out our filtration system

Polypropylene filter – This filter removes fine particles.

Carbon filter – This filter removes contaminants and impurities, makes water tastes better and removes odor.

T33 water filter – This filter further removes bad taste and odor in the water.

Ultra filtration – The water is passed through a very dense membrane to remove unwanted molecules and ions.

Ultra filtration information is featured here.

Water is stored in the top tank. Water is dispensed at required temperature, either hot or cold water via heating or cooling coils. Temperature can be adjusted at our water dispenser’s LED control panel

We emphasize on quality products. Firstly is the water quality, which is superb without bacteria, contaminants, chlorine and fluorine at PH7. Furthermore, all our products are certified with the following certifications: CE, CB, UL, NSF, safety mark etc. Please see here, for more information on certifications.

Care more for your family and loved ones, check out our tabletop water dispenser for homes here. Models that are suitable for home use are mainly the table top water dispenser and the mini water dispenser.


4.2   Our guarantee to customers


We guarantee that our products not only look good and functions well, we sell at low prices too. 


4.3   Our warranty


All our products come with a one year, on-site warranty. One free servicing on exchanging all filters is inclusive. (Save $120!)


4.4   Dispenser Servicing


Our servicing cost is only at $120/time. This includes checking on functionality and changing of all water filters.

Contract servicing is only at $200. This includes 2 servicing trips a year.