Tabletop water dispenser

828 Tabletop water dispenser, this mini hot and cold water dispenser rocks. Carefully engineered, this unit comes with its own water tank producing hot water. It includes a triple water filtration system that is easy to change. Water filtration consists of Polypropylene filter, carbon filter and Ultra filtration.

User friendly LED control panel allows the user to be hands-free,  more scalding incidents. Filter alert system lets the user knows when to call us and change filters. Don’t worry! servicing cost is at $130 only.

If you feel that you do not have enough floor space in your office pantry or if you feel you do not need a bigger unit such as a floor standing direct piping unit, this tabletop water dispenser is for you! Why wait? Contact us today!


Tabletop Water Dispenser only @ $880 nett

Tabletop Water Dispenser, Instant Hot Water Series only @ $880

Icy Cool Series table top water dispenser model 457m only at $995 nett

Icy Cool Series table top water dispenser model 346m only at $895.










Colour: Red and Black Modern, sleek and glossy appearance.
Pure drinking water is produced with our filtration system. Includes Ultra Filtration, Polypropylene filter and Sintered carbon filter.
1 year 1 time free servicing is available when purchased. Servicing Includes Filter Change.
18 months warranty inclusive of manufacture defects, internal component defect and change.
Suitable for 1 to 20 people.

Model: 130
Direct Pipe, Table Top
Instant heating, Hot water in 5 seconds Energy saving, save $100s a month!
– 3 Stage Ultrafiltration Filter System
– Filters:PP + CTO + UF
– Auto or manual water supply
– LED panel; Touch screen control
– Filter usage indicator
– Heating capacity: 2000w,
Cooling capacity: 65w, 0.8l/h≤15°c
Size: 27cm x 45cm x 49cm
Weight: 15kg
Model: 346M & 457M Specifications:
Direct Pipe, Table Top
Icy Cold Series, Cold water Energy savings.
Counter Top Hot & Cold P.O.U. water dispenser,
– 4 Stage Ultrafiltration Filter System.
– Optional UV or Alkaline.
– Compressor cooling.
– Mechanical faucet; LED display and touch screen.
– 304 Stainless steel tanks,
– 3.5L cold tank,
– 1.5L hot tank with 500 watts
internal heating element
– Size: 45 x 33 x 53 cm
– Weight: 13 KG
Certified products

Certified products

For more info on international certifications, click here. (wikipedia link)

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