Pou water dispenser singapore, direct piping unit.

828 POU water dispenser Singapore. Direct piping floor standing model. Bring this fabulous unit back to you home or office. Worldwide certified, producing pure drinking water. Comes in Light coffee colour or Piano black glossy.

Pou water dispenser singapore, direct piping unit floor Standing water dispenser @ $688.

Floor Standing water dispenser @ $1205.

water filters

Neat & Easy to change.











Sleek , glossy with class, Colour:Light Coffee or Piano Black.
Pure drinking water is produced with our filtration system. Includes Ultra Filtration, Polypropylene filter, Post activated carbon and Granular Activated Carbon Filter.
1 year 1 time free servicing is available when purchased.
1 year warranty inclusive of manufacture defects, internal component defect and change.
Suitable for 1 to 50 people.

Old models of water dispenser that uses water barrels are heavy. It also requires space to store. There is a minimum order of water barrels every time you call to order. Worst issue is that every time you place an order, you have to wait a few days later for your water. Why bother torturing yourself? No more calling to water companies to order water barrels. How about 828 POU water dispenser Singapore?

828 POU water dispenser Singapore will be the best choice for you. Direct piping (pou) offers convenience and more efficiency. Just connect to a tap water supply, and you can enjoy hot and cold water. The unit also produces pure drinking water at ph7 with our filtration system. Why wait? contact us today!

Environment temperature: 16-32℃
Environment humidity:≤90%
Water source: Tap water
Water pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa
Filters: PP+GAC+UF+Post carbon
Rated voltage: 220V-50HZ
Electric shock type: I
Rated power: 2065W
Heating power: 2000W
Cooling power: 65W
Heating capacity: 20L/h≥90℃
Cooling capacity:0.8L/h≤15℃
Power consumption : 0.61kwh/24h
Water output: 0.5L/min
Total pure water: 1000L
Size: 36cm x 39cm x 130cm
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For more info on international certifications, click here. (wikipedia link)

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