Floor Standing Water dispenser

Floor standing water dispenser eliminates the use of water barrels. Say goodbye to unnecessary space to store water barrels.

Do you know? Many companies are still using water barrel type water dispensers. Every minimum order of water barrels amount to over $50 per two weeks. By purchasing  a floor standing water dispenser, you can save much much more and enjoy quality drinking water within 7 months.

A floor standing water dispenser is equipped with quad water filtration, this unit produces great tasting water. Suitable for home or office use. Different colours available, comes in piano black gloss or light coffee brown.

1 year warranty and 1 servicing free inclusive upon purchase. Price includes installation, delivery and GST. User friendly controls, LED panel with temperature controls. Enjoy hot or cold water at your convenience.

Floor Standing Water Dispenser @ 1205 nett.

Floor Standing Water Dispenser, Instant Hot Water Series 132 @ $1205 nett.

Floor Standing water dispenser @ $1205.

Floor Standing water dispenser Instant Hot Water Series 131 @ $1205 nett.

Icy Cool Series floor standing water dispenser model 346 only at $1105.

Icy Cool Series floor standing water dispenser model 346 only at $1105 nett.

Icy Cool Series floor standing water dispenser model 457 only at $1205.

Icy Cool Series floor standing water dispenser model 457 only at $1205 nett.












Sleek , glossy with class, Colour: Light Coffee or Piano Black or Cool White.
Pure drinking water is produced with our filtration system. Includes Ultra Filtration, Polypropylene filter, Post activated carbon and Granular Activated Carbon Filter.
1 year 1 time free servicing is available when purchased.
18 month warranty inclusive of manufacture defects, internal component defect and change.
Suitable for 1 to 50 people.
Model: 131 & 132
Direct Pipe, Floor Stand
Instant heating, Hot water in 5 seconds Energy saving, save $100s a month!
– 4 Stage Ultrafiltration Filter System
– Filters:PP + CTO + UF + GAC
– Auto or manual water supply
– LED panel; Touch screen control
– Filter usage indicator
– Heating capacity: 2000w,
Cooling capacity: 65w, 2l/h≤15°c
Total pure water: 1000L
Size: 36cm x 39cm x 130cm
Model: 346 & 457M Specifications:
Direct Pipe, Table Top
Icy Cold Series, Cold water Energy savings.
Floor stand Hot & Cold P.O.U. water dispenser,
– 4 Stage Ultrafiltration Filter System.
– Optional UV or Alkaline.
– Compressor cooling.
– Mechanical faucet; LED display and touch screen.
– 304 Stainless steel tanks,
– 3.5L cold tank,
– 1.5L hot tank with 500 watts
internal heating element
Dimension: 45 x 33 x 115cm
Weight: 18kg
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